What Is Penile Reconstruction?

penile reconstructionIn some situations, the penis does not form properly or a serious illness or injury leaves a man with the deformation. When this occurs, it may be possible for you to obtain a reconstructive procedure. Penile reconstruction is not as common as many people believe. It is a type of treatment often associated with congenital abnormalities of either the penis itself or the urethra. In some cases, it can be used after penile cancer, penile trauma, corporal fibrosis, or short penis. It can also be done as a part of gender reassignment surgery.

Is This Procedure Right for You?

penile reconstruction

Penile reconstruction is not necessarily the right option for all people. The procedure is also very customized to meet your specific needs and areas of concern. When you meet with your doctor, you will learn what to expect from this process and whether or not penile reconstruction can work well for your needs.

Some of the ways it can help include:

  • Repairing an incomplete or botched circumcision
  • Repairing of hypospadias or epispadias
  • Repair from penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease
  • Repair of venous leakage
  • Closure of penile or scrotal skin defects
  • Removal of scar tissue
  • Removal of silicone or injected fat

There are many other conditions that may warrant this type of procedure. When you meet with your doctor, you can discuss both the potential cosmetic or functional needs. For many men suffering from these conditions, penile reconstruction can be life changing.

How to Get the Help You Need

penile reconstructionEvery penile reconstruction procedure is very different. Your doctor will work with you to discuss your options which may include the use of prosthetics or tissue from another area of your body. Your doctor can find the right treatment for the type of outcome you hope to have. In nearly all situations, the goal is to provide first an improvement in the function and health of your body. The second benefit is to focus on improving the cosmetic elements when necessary.



To find out if penile reconstruction can be a good fit for you, turn to an expert. These professionals have ample experience in guiding you through the process and can give you recommendations on the options available to you. Call the best urologist in New York City to learn more about how this type of procedure can be right for your needs. You may be impressed with the options.

To find out what your options are and to ensure you have every treatment option available to you, call our offices at 646-205-3039 and schedule a consultation with one of the best urologists in New York City.

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