Who Is At Risk of Bladder Cancer?

bladder cancerThere are many factors that contribute to being considered high risk for bladder cancer. In nearly all situations, it is best for you to see a doctor if you think there is any chance that you may be suffering from any type of bladder related ailment especially cancer. Some people may be more likely to develop bladder cancer, though, especially if they have any of these risk factors.


bladder cancerPeople who smoke are at a higher risk of development cancer including bladder cancer. This is because smoking, including through cigars, cigarettes, or pipes, brings toxins into the body that may increase your risk of developing bladder cancer. These harmful chemicals have been linked to cancer development including bladder cancer.

Your Physical Makeup

The most common individuals to develop bladder cancer are those who are over the age of 40. Those who are Caucasian are at a higher risk as well. Men are more likely to develop this condition than women. However, it can develop in men and women of all ages and all races.

Chemical Exposure

Some types of cancers are brought on by exposure to chemicals. That is because the kidneys play a significant role in removing chemicals from your body’s bloodstream. When the kidneys remove chemicals like this, they send those chemicals the bladder. The more chemicals that the body is exposed to, the harder it is for the bladder to move them out of the body, therefore allowing them to build up in the bladder. This level of exposure can be dangerous.

Other Cancers

bladder cancerIf you have had other types of cancer previously, you are at a higher risk of developing cancers in other areas of the body including the bladder. If you’ve been treated with anti-cancer drugs such as cyclophosphamide, this can increase your risk of developing bladder cancer as well. In addition, some people who have had radiation treatment are at a higher risk for developing bladder cancer especially when radiation is applied to the pelvis area.




In addition to these factors, hereditary factors can also be at a higher risk. Additionally, those taking diabetes medications, struggling with chronic bladder inflammation, and those suffering from other bladder-related illnesses are at a higher risk. If you are at risk, talk to a urologist on an ongoing basis. Call our offices to meet with the best urologist in New York City to learn more.


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