What Is Renal Transplantation and What Can You Expect?

renal transplantationRenal transplantation or kidney transplants, are the removal of a diseased kidney from an ill patient and the replacement of it with a healthy kidney from a donor. A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure with a number of high risks. Yet, for many people who are suffering from renal failure, or kidney failure, it is a very real need and can be lifesaving.

The kidneys work to flush out chemicals and toxins from the blood stream. In short, they help to make sure your blood remains clean so your body can use it properly. Without them, the blood becomes very thick and cannot circulate properly. Over time, the kidneys may begin to fail, leading to the need for this advanced treatment option.

What Happens When the Kidneys Fail?

renal transplantationMost people have two kidneys. They work to remove excess fluid and waste from your body’s bloodstream. However, kidneys can develop difficulty filtering the blood properly, allowing the blood flowing through them to remain full of toxins and waste. When the kidneys are no longer working properly, you may need an external treatment for your blood, known as dialysis, to cleanse it. However, this process if very difficult on the body and over time it can fail as well.

Although your body may have two kidneys, you only need one to survive and live a healthy life as long as it is working properly. This is what makes kidney transplantation one of the most effective treatments out there. That’s because a kidney can come from a live donor.

Who Can Donate to You?

renal transplantationThe first step in kidney transplantation is often to look at close relatives to determine if someone is a match to you. Those who are at a high level of matching are ideal because it is less likely that your body will reject the kidney once transplanted.

If there is no one that matches within your genetic family, you may be added to the national donor list and you then have to wait for one to become available to you. It is possible for kidneys to be donated to a person from a deceased donor as well.

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