The Most Common Urological Problems in Children

The Most Common Urological Problems in ChildrenAdults aren’t the only ones who need to see a urologist for disorders that can’t be treated effectively by primary care physicians. The difference in treating and diagnosing a child with a urological problem is that they aren’t as adapted to articulating what their physical symptoms are. If you’re a parent who is wondering if your child needs to see a urologist, here are three of the most common urological issues that adolescents have.

1. Nocturnal Enuresis

Also known as bedwetting, nocturnal enuresis is often hard to diagnose at first because it is very common for small children to have accidents at night. It is only when bedwetting becomes persistent and goes beyond the age of pre-school that a parent and doctor can decide that going to the urologist is in order. Bedwetting can also be related to psychological issues, such as stress or fear. With that said, nocturnal enuresis is still one of the most common childhood urological problems that experts see.

2. Urinary Tract Infection


The Most Common Urological Problems in Children

Urinary tract infections are common in adulthood but they’re even more prevalent in kids. Most urologists seeing adolescent urinary tract infection patients will have female children come into their practice as opposed to boys. Female children are also more prone to develop recurrent urinary tract infections that require antibiotics and follow up appointments for positive resolution.

3. Hernia

Hernias can develop before birth but they can also be seen in small children after severe strain or minor injury. Umbilical hernias are rarely reason for concern and generally will heal all the way on their own by the time a child is two years old. Hernias that happen after birth, however, may lead to difficulties urinating and require the assistance of a urologist.

Children can have problems going to the bathroom and need to see a urologist for many different reasons, it’s just that some are more common than others. If your child has been going to elementary school for a few years and is still wetting the bed it might be time to see a urologist. Hernias can be concerning in children especially if they were not pointed out at birth. Lastly, it is natural for children to sometimes have urinary tract infections but they also should clear up within a week on their own and they’re not expected to persist.

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