What is Prostate Enlargement?

prostateThe prostate is shaped just like a walnut and is used both in the male reproductive system and with bladder management too. The prostate is a cause of medical issues for men, most commonly over 50 and over 65, but occasionally in men under 50 too. One of the prostate-related issues that arises is called prostatitis. There are several causes of prostatitis, but one noticeable and painful condition is an enlarged prostate.

In this article, we cover what an enlarged prostate is, how it happens and what you can do about it.

Prostate Won’t Stop Growing

The prostate begins as a small gland situated below the bladder. It roughly doubles in size in the teenager years and then begins to grow once again around 25 years of age. From this time, it continues to grow and expand gradually throughout adult life which is where the trouble starts.

The rate of the enlargement is not standardized because there are some medical factors believed to cause more rapid gland growth in some men.

Unmanageable Size



A prostate enlargement is when the prostate has grown to an unmanageable size when compared to the other parts of the body situated nearby like the bladder above it and urethra below it.

At a larger size, the gland pushes uncomfortably against the urethra. As a result, the wall of the bladder thickens and struggles to let urine completely empty from the bladder. With a urethra that’s been size restricted, normal flow is lower that eventually makes it impossible to clear the bladder. As a consequence, other medical issues can result.

Causes of the Enlargement

prostateIt is known that during the latter aging process, older men lose testosterone leaving a greater amount of estrogen. It’s thought that perhaps the cell growth rate in the prostate is increased due to this factor. Another idea is that a hormone in men known as DHT which is involved in the management and growth of the prostate gets overloaded in the prostate again because of a lack of testosterone. Neither theory has been proven as yet but clearly estrogen and an absence of sufficient testosterone is seen by researchers as a likely central cause.

In most situations, an enlarged prostate is not an indicator of a cancer problem. Prostate cancer is another type of prostatitis but is not directly connected with enlargement specifically. The symptoms and outcomes are quite different.

It is always a good idea for men to consult a qualified urologist for a prostate screening. Contact us to arrange an appointment to see one of the best urologist doctors in New York City.

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