What Are Urethral Strictures and How Are They Treated?

urethral strictureUrethral strictures are an uncomfortable problem for people who have had trauma or surgery on the urethral tract. Where areas of scar tissue have formed on the urethra, there can be some constriction when someone is trying to urinate. This can be extremely unpleasant and can even cause serious problems such as bladder infections. If you have a urethral stricture as a result of surgery or an injury or other trauma, then you will need to have this treated. Here, we are going to look at what your options are.

Diagnosis of Urethral Strictures

You will need to have your urethral stricture diagnosed by a urologist so that you can have a course of treatment prescribed for you that will resolve the issue. It is best to book an appointment with a urologist as soon as you notice the symptoms associated with urethral strictures after having surgery on this area or after an injury, such as difficulty peeing or a burning sensation when you pee. In some cases, it may just be inflammation following the trauma, however, if a stricture is present then you will need to have further surgery to address it.

How Are Strictures Treated?

urethral strictureThere are different ways of treating urethral strictures, which depend on the severity and location of the stricture itself. In some cases, you may need to have some tissue grafted into the urethra or you may have to have some scar tissue removed from the urethra, and this can be done via surgery under general anesthetic. Strictures do not usually go away by themselves and so you will need some kind of intervention to make sure that the symptoms that you are experiencing as a result of having strictures in your urethra go away and you are able to experience normal urinary and erectile function.urethral stricture

In order to establish what kind of treatment is best for your specific case, you will need to speak to a professional urologist.


If you have a urethral stricture or are concerned that you may be experiencing the symptoms associated with it, then the best thing to do is make an appointment with a urologist right away. Get in touch with us and you can make an appointment with the best urologist in NYC and put your mind at ease that your urethral stricture will be treated quickly and professionally.

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