The Most Common Causes of Perineal Injuries


When you see the term “perineal,” this is referring to the part of the body between the vulva and anus (for woman), and the scrotum and anus (for man), also called the perineum. This is an important part of the body, because the nerves and blood vessels that are there also connect to the urinary tract and the genitals. It also helps support the bladder and the bowels. Injuries to the perineal area can be either chronic or acute. Chronic injuries occur gradually over time, while acute injuries happen suddenly.


Perineal Injuries

If the perineum is injured, this can lead to problems including bladder control and sexual problems. Both of these injuries are a result of nerve damage, causing the signals that usually travel between the perineum and the brain. Without these nerves functioning properly, both these processes will not work the way they are supposed to work.


PerinealPerineal injuries can be caused by a variety of factors. These include straddle injuries, sexual abuse, impalement, perineal surgery (men), and childbirth (women). A straddle injury refers to an injury that someone gets when they fall on a something with their legs on either side of it, or while straddling it. These can happen in bike or motorcycle accidents, falling on equipment like monkey bars, some gymnastic injuries, and during horse riding. Sometimes, this can actually lead to a burst blood vessel, particularly in men. Impalement is less common, but refers to injuries when something pierces the perineum. This is more likely to happen on farms, construction sites, combat situations, and after a fall. Sexual abuse also can lead to perineal injury.

Perineal surgery is surgery that is performed on men. Part of it involves a cut in the perineum. Examples of perineal surgeries include a prostatectomy and perineal urethroplasty. Like perineal surgery for men, childbirth can lead to perineal injuries for women. Both of these injuries tend to be acute, and therefore need to be dealt with promptly.



Treatments for perineal injuries includes bed rest, heating, and antibiotics. Sometimes, the tear will require stitches. This is particularly important after childbirth. The first step is often to make sure that the injury is not causing any loss of blood. Once the condition is stable, the next step is to help the patient find a treatment that will help them with their recovery.

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