What Minimally Invasive Treatments Are Available for Kidney Stones?

What Minimally Invasive Treatments Are Available for Kidney Stones?Kidney stones are generally painful and can be hard, if not impossible, to pass normally. This often leads to a hospital stay for many people. The pain can become severe and lead to numerous complications if it is not treated. When you work with your doctor, his or her primary goal will be the understand the underlying cause of the condition so that an effective treatment can be used. However, it does not stop there. Often, treatment also needs to be immediate when there is an acute concern at hand. Your doctor will work closely with you to do this and sometimes it may mean a minimally invasive procedure.

What Options Are There?

Endurology is the field that focuses on minimally invasive stone surgeries. Previously, the removal of a kidney stone that would not or could not be passed was done through open surgery involving a cut into the abdomen. Today, this is no longer the first choice for most doctors. Rather, nearly all urinary tract stones today can be treated in a minimally invasive procedure instead. And, there are many benefits to this.What Minimally Invasive Treatments Are Available for Kidney Stones?

    • This type of procedure will still remove the stone from your body.
    • It often does not require a hospital stay or may involve just an overnight stay.
    • It does not create a large incision, which means there are lowered risks for infection and complications.
    • This procedure is generally better for those who may have other health problems that may limit their ability to have a traditional open procedure.
    • You’ll heal faster, get back to work faster, and get back to your life sooner.

The procedure uses lasers that allow for the stones to be damaged significantly. Several options exist and all involve the use of high technology. Shock wave lithotripsy, flexible pyeloscopy and laser procedures, ureteroscopy and laser procedures, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy are some of the options today’s doctors have for treating your kidney stone in a less invasive manner.

IWhat Minimally Invasive Treatments Are Available for Kidney Stones?f you have a kidney stone or you have had them in the past, talk to your urologist about the options available to you for minimally invasive procedures. It could help you to recover much sooner and with much less pain. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation with our experienced and trusted urologist. We’re available to meet with you in New York City for a consultation.

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