Can a Urologist Help with Male Fertility?

Can a Urologist Help with Male FertilityA urologist is focused on the areas of the man’s body that deals with the reproductive organs and other matters. Because of this, he or she is perfectly placed to assist with problems that are stemming from the man’s body (rather than the woman’s).

Given the area of specialization that a urologist has, they’re able to conduct useful questioning of the patient and testing to ascertain what the difficulty is, where it is happening, why it is occurring, and what can be done about it.

Are There Any Treatments for Me?

Treatment is largely dependent on what is causing the infertility issues in the first place. There are many different courses of treatment available to a urologist, including multiple types of mediation and different surgical approaches to rectify a wide variety of issues, some of which directly affect fertility success rates.

Drug treatments to address infertility
Surgical procedures to fix problems that medicine alone cannot resolve
Different treatments for other causes of infertility in men
Non-Surgical Options

There are several options for fertility problems that don’t involve going under the knife.

Can a Urologist Help with Male FertilityBroad spectrum antibiotics can treat bacterial infections that are preventing the proper functioning of the reproductive organs. The system relies on the urethra and the bladder and this can be interrupted when bacteria build up in the urethra preventing the normal flow of sperm.

There are several other methods to assist in the reproductive effort. Several approaches are available to collect sperm and help in creating a successful pregnancy when the reproductive system isn’t currently functioning as it might be. This includes IVF and other treatments that are often effective when applied with persistence.

Surgical Options

There are many types of surgical options available to the patient, depending on the exact cause of their infertility problems.

One example is a varicocelectomy where veins are dilated along the scrotum area and need to be rectified because they are causing fertility issues. Such a procedure isn’t overly involved and is accomplished as an outpatient, usually with the patient able to return home later the same day or early the next day.

Can a Urologist Help with Male FertilityThere are also several surgical procedures that remove blockages in various parts of the reproductive systems to allow normal intercourse and pregnancy to happen naturally post-operation.

It can be a little daunting at first to consider going to a specialist, but you’re likely to get a far more accurate diagnosis and medical solution that way. Contact our office today to make an appointment for your first checkup with the best urologist doctor in New York City.

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