What Are Pearly Penile Papules?

Pearly Penile PapulesDo you have small, raised bumps on your penis? Are you wondering what is happening and, more importantly, what you need to do about them? In some situations, this may be a condition called pearly penile papules. While you may not realize it, it is not that uncommon and it does not indicate a high risk disease.

However, it is important that you visit your urologist to learn more about your condition and what treatment options may be available to you specifically.

What Are They?

Pearly penile papules are a small and benign type of growth that forms on the penis. They tend to be white in color, but can also be pink, yellow, or even a translucent color. In most cases, they are very small using only one or two millimeters in size. However, some can be larger and their shape may vary from one to the next. It is common for symptoms to vary among patients. Most often, they are found at the head of the penis or in this area and usually in a single or double row.

Pearly Penile PapulesWhy Do They Happen?

Researchers are not fully sure why some men develop this condition and others do not. They are not harmful in any way. They are also not any form of disease or any form of illness. They are not a symptom of an illness either. In some cases, they are simply considered a skin variation. Men of all races can develop them no matter where they are located or what their sexual preference is. It’s important to know they are not related to sexually transmitted disease. In addition to this, they are not contagious. You cannot infect someone with them.

What Treatment Is There?

Pearly Penile PapulesWhat should you do about them? That is a question that only you can answer. For many men, there is no treatment necessary. While there is no need to have this condition treated, many men choose to talk to their doctor about treatment options. It is best not to try to pop them, freeze them, or use a wart remover on them. This can cause damage to the penis and lead to pain, infection, and much more complex outcomes. Instead, talk to your doctor about the treatment options that may be available to you for cosmetic improvement.


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