What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The subject of erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sensitive one for men. Being able to be sexually active is something that males identify as part of being “a man.” When he is unable to do so, this is an occasion for negative thoughts including shame, embarrassment and anger which depending on the root cause may only exacerbate the problem.

ED simply put is where man is unable to get an erection with his penis, to maintain it and for it to be hard enough to have intercourse. When he is unable to do so, that is either called erectile dysfunction or in the most severe cases, impotence.


The Causes

The case of ED largely depends on what is really going on. Sometimes it is an occasional performance problem that’s being experienced. Other times, it’s a continual problem where it’s become impossible to become aroused sufficiently to get fully erect.

With the short-term issues, this can be either psychological or a medical issue. On the psychological side of thingErectile Dysfunctions, factors like stress, a lack of confidence, over tiredness or a declining interest in sex can cause problems with arousal. In this situation, the more one worries about the problem, likely the worse or continuous it will become.

erectile dysfunction

For medical issues affecting ED either short-term or long-term, these can be caused by a host of other problems like heart problems, hypertension, age, smoking, drug or alcohol use, diabetes, and obesity. It’s possible that there are several root causes and not a single one. This is where the help of a specialist doctor is helpful.

Signs & Symptoms to Look Out For

There are various related signs or symptoms for ED. These include difficulty in getting or keeping an erection and less interest in sex.

Some related conditions to ED include not being able to ejaculate, orgasming too quickly, or not being able to orgasm at all.

Usually when the problem has been a regular issue for a couple of months, it’s time to seek assistance.

What Treatments Are Available?

erectile dyscfunction

The treatment depends largely on the cause or causes. If stress is the real reason then a modification in lifestyle is likely to be helpful. For long-term mental health issues revolving around a troubled childhood, therapy can help get clear of emotional issues that are indirectly causing the problem with ED. Many times, there’s more than one emotional cause in play.

There are also medications that are used to encourage additional blood circulation to the penis. Arousal is still required, but generally with medicine getting a full erection more freely following arousal becomes easier. This is the case with drugs like Viagra and Cialis.

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