7 Medications That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunctionYou are suffering from erectile dysfunction or you believe you may be having some trouble. You are unsure if you have these symptoms or what is bringing them on. Although most forms of erectile dysfunction develop slowly and over a period of time, it is not uncommon for the conditions to worsen suddenly. In other men, the condition develops over time and can be hard to notice. In all situations, if you believe you are suffering from ED, it is best to talk to your doctor about the condition and the symptoms you are having. You are not alone in dealing with ED and there are solutions available for many men with it.

Are Medications Behind Your ED?

One of the most common instances in which erectile dysfunction occurs in men is because of the medications they take. You may be prescribed a medication to take because you have heart disease or high cholesterol. You may have diabetes or you may be suffering from other medical ailments. These conditions themselves can bring on the instances of ED. It is also possible that other medications you take can do the same.

Take a look at some of the most common medications associated with erectile dysfunction. Are you taking any of these:

erectile dysfunction

1. Diuretics, commonly used by those with heart-related problems or kidney illness
2. Antidepressants, used for mental health needs, pain medication or in other forms
3. Antiarrhythmic medications, used to keep the heart beating at a normal pace
4. Hormones, often used to compensate for imbalances in natural hormone production in the body
5. Muscle relaxants, often used as a pain treatment for muscle-related ailments
6. Parkinson’s disease drugs, used to treat muscle spasms and progression of the disease
7. Chemotherapy drugs, used to stop the development of new cancer cells

erectile dysfunction

If you are taking any of these medications, do not stop doing so. Instead, talk to your doctor about the symptoms you are suffering instead. Then, talk to your doctor about other treatments that may help you or ED solutions that can help. Keep in mind that those taking over-the-counter pain medications, alcohol, amphetamines or other types of illegal drugs can also be at a higher risk for developing ED.




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